Monday, March 8, 2010

Trip to Canyon Cove

My family went to Canyon Cove Resort in Nusugbu, Batangas last February to celebrate my dad's birthday. Travel time was okay. It took us about 2 hours to reach the resort from Manila. The first thing that I noticed when we arrived at Canyon Cove Resort was the unfinished, old building overlooking the entrance. I think it's supposed to be the residential apartment for club members but due to lack of investors, they weren't able to finish it. Anyway, it's an eye sore to anyone who'll visit the place.

When we got inside, we were again greeted with more rows of unfinished buildings. The main building was painted (thank God!) and well-kept. The resort had ample space for parking. The lobby, which was already filled with tourists mostly Koreans, was spacious and modern. A view of the beach and pool area could be seen already from the floor-to-ceiling glass windows of the lobby.

We arrived at the resort at 11am. Check-in time was around 1pm so we were able to check out the place first and took a couple of pictures. We then decided to eat outside at Kainan sa Dalampasigan for lunch.

After lunch, we went back to the resort to check-in. I must say that despite the unsightly unfinished buildings inside the resort, I was pretty pleased by the main hotel's guest rooms. The bedroom and the bathroom were small but very clean. The balcony was overlooking the pool area and the beach.

A view of the resort from the lobby

A view from our room's balcony

It's nice to take pictures in the morning because that's the time when you can truly appreciate the calm, blue water and sky of Batangas.

This shot makes the pool look like an infinity pool.
It seems as if the pool water and the sea are one.

Watching the sunset

Canyon Cove @ night


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