Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fontana Water Park

My family and I went to Fontana Water Park in Clark Field, Pampanga 2 weeks ago. We went there on a weekday so there were only a few guests (which I loved! As you all know, I hate crowds!). Entrance fee is P300 per person. Visitors are not allowed to bring food and drinks so we had to buy food from their small snack stand. And if you're interested, dogs are not allowed too. (so we had to leave our shih tzu at home!)

What's great about Fontana Water Park? It has kid-friendly pools with water level just about one to two feet high. ( My nephew really enjoyed the place!) Lifeguards were everywhere. The place was well-maintained. The shower and comfort rooms were clean as well.

Fontana Water Park

My nephew's fave pool with a big pirate ship in the middle.

Water Factory

Lazy River

The lazy river can be seen at the lower right side of this picture.
It goes around the water park.
You can just ride the big yellow life saver (floaters)
and the water will just carry you around the park.

Giant Slide

Wave Pool
( Visitors get to experience huge waves every 30 minutes)



  1. Who would resist these fantastic pools and recreation facilities? I remember being in Fontana in one of our company summer outings. I wish I could free myself from work and have the time to enjoy life again! :)

  2. Oohh, this is why I love summer!
    Bakit parang kayo lang tao jan? Serte nyo, hindi crowded. Ü

  3. just want to ask.. does it need a membership fee???someone just told me it has...just want to confirm...tnx

  4. No membership fee is needed. You just have to pay the entrance fee. :)

  5. magkano po ang entrance fee sa fontana water park??? and ano po ung pwedeng attire????



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